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New York City, NY

A Quest For Last Week's Cheap Ass Stanky Pizza

This is an 8 page long mini comic about me chasing my last slice of last week's leftover pizza across multiple dimensions and parallel realities of the, multiverse. This experimental comic consists of individual numbered pages representing pizza slices stacked in pizza boxes. The boxes also consisted of a plastic spoon, a plastic fork, paper napkins and sealed packets of chilly flakes and oregano. I also cut out individual visual elements and characters in the story,  and placed them inside the box, as though they were mementos that had been gathered along the way of my journey for that last slice of pizza. The comic teases the reader's senses by making them go through the motions of consuming pizza while reading it to establish certain associations. I wanted to see how tweaking the form of the comic, affected perceptions about the it, and about the form of comics in general.