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New York City, NY

You Are Here

This is a multimedia graphic novel that tells the story of a world inside a world inside a world, with each world depicted through a different medium. The page borders moves inward as the story dives deeper from one world to another. This is an experimental graphic novel, constructed to look like a goody bag of merch that you would be bestowed with on your way out of a meeting organized by Our Lady of Nothing and Eternal Insignificance, the friendly neighbourhood nihilist church (/cult).


The bag consists of 7 elements:


1.The Cult Bible / Graphic Novel: You Are Here - The Official Scriptures of Our Lady of Nothing and Eternal Insignificance

2. Journal of an art school dropout who joins the cult temporarily to help them break into Tele-evangelism.

3. The Cult Manifesto

4. Code of Conduct of the Insignificants

5. Stickers of their Insignificant deity's face to be stuck on doors, laptops, etc. so as to simplify and aid the process of finding the others.

6. Poster of an event organized by Our Lady of Nothing and Eternal Insignificance, and photographs of store windows around Brooklyn where they have been spotted.

7. The bag also contains some photographs. I also went around Brooklyn putting up my fake poster in some of my favourite stores in the city.

These photographs are included in the "goodie bag".


I made this piece to help myself figure out the many feelings I had about the place of religion and faith in everyday media and the trend of authorities governing religion, and consumerist propaganda, entering into a codependent relationship to further their position of power and maintain their relevance in the society. I also made it because I really enjoy elabourate and ridiculous advertisements in print media, and good ole late night/early morning family friendly televangelism. Finally, I see this as a story of friendship, because this book started out as a birthday gift to two of my best friends who inspired the protagonists.