Madame Poupon

I spent the last year living in the historic neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, birthplace of rapper and activist icon Biggie Smalls, home to a large African American community, and famous for fostering cultural movements empowering the Black identity. Bed-Stuy is also home to a small but growing/gentrifying community of French speaking immigrants, transplanted from all over the world, from Bretaigne to Burkina Faso, and now woven into the cultural fabric of New York. In the overlapping space of these two

identities is a small creperie named Madame Poupon.


My new book is a journal documenting the happenings at the creperie. Madame Poupon on Nostrand Avenue in Bedstuy, Brooklyn, is an incredible nook bursting at the seams with spirit, love, culture, community, and the most heavenly crepes this world has seen. They are a new business and The owner and cook, Chef Jean Christopher, named it after the woman who taught him to make crepes when he was a seventeen year old boy in his hometown of Brittany/ Bretaigne. This book is a collection of signage, interviews and eavesdropping that ended up teaching me so much about Brittany, and my own neighborhood. It is the story of Chef Jean’s wonderful tales about his travels around the world as a chef, and his life in old New York. It is the story of me realizing that I am in love with my best friend, while drawing, journaling, having conversations over many many heavenly crepes.


This book is currently a work in progress. During this quarantine I have been conducting and transcribing more interviews and stories from the people who work there and the book should be finished by next month. This is an excerpt of the project.