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Once Upon A F**kboi

SNEAK A PEEK into an excerpt from my new graphic novel.

This book was first created as an essay in 2018. I had come home one night from ending a spectacularly toxic romantic relationship, after what had felt like a parade of terrible romantic relationships and decisions. I was exhausted and fed up of both the people I chose to date, and the person I became in said relationships. So I wrote a scathing (?) essay to comfort myself that night. A year later I edited it into a fiction story, and another half year later it evolved into a graphic novel. I only made 2 copies at the time for our group show at SVA. A part of me was afraid it wouldn’t age well. I didn’t want to sound bitter. I didn’t want to feel bitter either. Now in 2021, I read the book again and I realized that it still comforts me, reminds me of my emotional strength, and makes me laugh and I would love to share it with the world. 
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