Taste Your Words Before You Spit Them Out

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For my master's thesis project, I got to interview some of my favorite people in New York's Food Industry. My ongoing graphic novel project documents and illustrates oral histories, conversations and interviews to explore how and why we form specific associations with food during our childhood and how these relationships play out in the lives of the three protagonists tying them together with invisible life altering strings.
Following is a sneak peek into my conversation with Food Stylist and Creative Director, Victoria Granof via some work in progress spreads.

Here are some process pictures and sketches:

Taste Your Words Before You Spit them Out narrates this story through reportage, comics panels, drawings on location, gouache paintings, photographs, and collages. I have been recreating specific foods that come up in the interviews so I can construct more specific reference images for painting. Here are is some behind the scenes footage.