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The Wilderness Society's Voices of the East

 In celebration of Public Lands Day, The Wilderness Society documented and featured five personal audio stories from individuals who call the lands to the Eastern Appalachian region ‘home,’ exploring their ties to land, history, identity, and more. I illustrated these audio stories produced by Martin Froger Silva. I also created a map of the eastern Appalachian region

1. Eric ‘Mubita’ Sheppard, a genealogy researcher and entrepreneur living in Virginia

2. Ambreen Tariq, a creator and author living in a suburb of Washington, DC

3. Pete McKinley, a conservation biologist living in Maine 

4. Chief Anne Richardson, chief of the Rappahannock Tribe, living on the ancestral lands of the Rappahannock

5. Russell Chisholm, an activist and organizer living in Virginia

Illustrated map of the Eastern Appalachian Region:

MAP1_Wilderness society.jpg

Black and White Inked Portraits before Colour:

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